Trading works similarly to buying shoes, the difference is we offer store credit, the store credit value is always higher than the quick cash value. When customers bring there shoes in they will be offered a quick cash amount and a store credit amount. If they choose the store credit amount this will reduce the price of the shoe they wanted to get by the amount of the Store Credit. Online customers who ship shoes will receive a discount code for the trade value which they can use on anything they see on the site. Please fill out the sheet below with your shoes and hit submit to get a store credit/ online credit offer for your shoes, we will get a email with your shoes and then email you back a offer.

Example: We have a shoe you like online  for $120 -> you fill out form and we offer you $100 Store Credit -> You ship shoes when we received them and verify they are Legit we email you a discount code for $100 ->  you the apply discount code at checkout and only have to pay $20 for the shoe you want!

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