SneakerP consignment consist of eliminating all of the hassle that is required in selling your own shoes, We handle all of the requirements of selling your shoes such as taking the pictures, shipping the shoes (via printing the packing slips, obtaining the boxes and delivering to the mail carriers) We operate our own stores plus list your shoes for sale online; which is viewable by thousands of people locally and in other states and countries. (If you are looking for a cash offer please click the buy menu)

To consign shoes you can bring them in to any SneakerP location or submit online form. Shoes must be Brand New (Unworn) in original box. (The only preowned shoes we will consign is yeezys). We will then store the shoes; put them on sale for you in the location which you bring them or send to, as well as posting the shoes online. At this point we complete the 85/15 consignment agreement meaning you get 85% of the final sale while we keep 15% for selling your items. The convenient part of this arrangement is that through most merchants online you will be paying between 10-20% (after shipping cost) to sell your shoes not counting the time hassle and the cost of shipping or materials, and printing shipping slips.

All in all the process is pretty simple

  1. You bring the shoes in to a SneakerP location (or ship)
  2. We legit check your shoes to determine the authenticity of the pair(s)
  3. We then discuss with you what price you wish to sell the shoes at based on current market prices and based on what you would like to receive after the shoes have been sold.
  4. Once the shoes are sold in store or online you will receive a check for the 85% of the sale price which exact value was determined during actual consignment.

Complete the form below to get your shoes consigned if you are not local and wish to ship for consignment

  • Box/ no box (must have box to consign)AuthenticNew (must be new to cosign yeezys)Unworn Yes or NoGenderYear MadeName of SneakerProduct NumberSize