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Best Pre-owned shoes in the world,

Sneaker P is the only place where you can buy fully cleaned and sanitized pre owned shoes. We have world leading technologies that fully clean and sanitize all pre-owned shoes killing all germs and restoring the best possible condition. Therefore all pre-owned shoes from sneakerP are 100% healthy, Germ-Free and safe to wear. We are the only place that provides this luxury. We do not simply wipe down shoes, the shoes are thoroughly clean and sanitized. We like to say we sell “brand new, pre owned sneakers” after we clean them.

Also anyone can bring their shoes into any SneakerP location to be cleaned and sanitized for a fee. You pay so much for your shoes and traditional measures such as washer machines will destroy your shoes. Allow us to clean and sanitize your shoes so you can protect your investment into your kicks and get the most value out of them.

Email Sneakerpsales@gmail.com if you have shoes you wish to ship to be cleaned.