Sneaker P has been in business since 2015. Our unique store has changed the way we do business today. And is unmatched by any in the secondary shoe marketplace.

Helping people get more out of shoes

Sneaker P’s company vision –Offer customers used/new shoes that are in high demand at affordable prices in safe wearing condition.
Sneaker Premier’s is like no other consignment shoe store in the world, the cleaning and sanitizing process is unparalleled and offers a unique touch to the secondary shoe market.
In 2015, Kevin, founder of Sneaker P who has over 23 years retail experience, wrote down his ideas for special consignment shoes business – he created an revolutionary new business system that completely cleaned and sanitize pre owned shoes in Richmond Virginia area.
The idea was ‘to clean and sanitized pre-owned sneakers; and also to clean old specialty shoes. This fosters customer’s foot health and contributes to personal attractiveness. Therefore allowing consumers to enjoy an more rewarding experience, when buying our products or using our cleaning process for their own footwear.
Long before we developed a ‘Corporate Mission’, these ideas stayed at the heart of our business.

Our timeline

Follow our timeline to find out more about our history that now crosses three centuries.
2012 – Research for shoes cleaning system.
2013 – The first test runs of shoes cleaning machine.
2014 – The completion of whole Shoe cleaning process.
2015 – The first and second Sneaker P store was established.
2016 – Expanding the store.